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About Us

Shanghai Landing Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “Landing”) was founded in 2009. By the spring of 2018, many Chinese legal elites formally established a new Landing partner team in Shanghai. At present, Landing is committed to becoming one of the outstanding comprehensive commercial and economic law firms in contemporary China by building the global Landing map with the concept of “absolute specialization, strong internationalization and relative scale”.

At present, Landing has successively been in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Jinan, Changsha, Lanzhou, Urumqi, the United States (Los Angeles, Chicago), India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore), Iran (Tehran), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Countries such as Nepal (Kathmandu), Indonesia (Jakarta), the Philippines (Manila), and Cambodia (Phnom Penh) have officially established offices, which have formed a network of exclusive domestic and international interconnection services, which can simultaneously serve multinational companies. The Group also provides outstanding legal services in different jurisdictions and plans to develop into one of the most widely distributed Chinese law firms in the countries along the Belt and Road.


Landing has gradually been recognized by the market as one of the most pioneering and constructive law firms. We always believe that our clients provide legal services with professionalism and customer experience. Landing currently has more than 100 lawyers and other full-time legal service personnel in mainland China. With a unified information platform, Landing fully assists clients in understanding the business challenges in their markets and jurisdictions, while effectively identifying systemic and eventual legal risks. Customers deliver truly competitive and service-quality solutions with ongoing maintenance.


At the beginning of a new era, Landing will continue to work hard to help our customers keep up with development trends in China and international markets, and identify and drive business opportunities. Landing will forge a variety of policy and business challenges, while forging the legal service plan based on the realization of customer value, straightforward and beautiful.


Landing Law Offices P C (Los Angeles )  is Landing’s first office in North America , mainly engaged in project engineering, infrastructure and energy, real estate, e-commerce and internet, banking and capital markets, tax law, customs Law, corporate mergers and acquisitions, labor, intellectual property, business immigration, major dispute resolution and cross-border e-commerce comprehensive legal services .


According to the economic characteristics of different states in the United States , Landing is able to effectively and conveniently serve Chinese businesses in the United States, and will gradually establish branches in different major cities in the United States. The initial planned cities are New York. Chinese, such as Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, and Seattle, concentrate on investing and living in cities .